Came across this article and had to share.  The food combinations sounded so good and unique.  I try to incorporate all of these foods into my diet on a weekly basis.  You should as well.  I also include MCT oil on a daily basis by putting into my tea or coffee along with a little ghee or Kerry Gold butter.

Want Glowing Skin? Eat These 10 Hydrating Foods

Last Thursday, mindbodygreen hosted our second Supper Series in partnership with Sephora, and the theme of the night was hydration. Between two panels we talked about all things water, and the conversation didn’t disappoint—from how to improve the quality of the Earth’s oceans to the best filters for drinking water to how to care for our skin. Following the conversation for the evening was supper, which was a gorgeous three-course meal, plus passed apps of water-dense, high-fat, hydrating foods known for their complexion-changing properties.

We can’t blame you for wanting a sneak peek into the menu! These healing ingredients were instrumental in the menu—not only were they delicious, but many of them are gut-healing, anti-inflammatory, and therefore beneficial for the skin. Next time you’re feeling like your skin needs a boost, reach for one of these…