The Importance of Trace Minerals + 4 Mineral Rich Herbs

This is a great article from my friends at Khroma Herbs about Trace Minerals.  

Most people don’t realize the importance of trace minerals, probably because they are required in amounts too small to be significantly appreciated in the diet. Nevertheless, they are incredibly important. Read on to learn exactly what trace minerals are and how you can ensure proper levels of each with select mineral rich herbs. What Are Trace Minerals? Also referred to as micro minerals, trace minerals are inorganic substances needed by your body in small amounts to facilitate normal physiologic functions. Generally, you only need about 20 milligrams of each trace mineral on a daily basis. However, specific amounts required by the body vary with age and sex. Despite the fact that they are only required in small amounts, they are very vital to your overall health because each trace mineral has its unique benefit to the body. A few of the most common trace minerals include: iron iodine zinc […]