Dry Brushing

Lets talk about dry brushing!  Did you know that the skin is the largest organ we have?  About 30% of our bodies toxins are removed from the skin.  Dead skin cells accumulate preventing the toxins from leaving our skin.  Dry brushing can help with this and it takes less then 5 minutes a day.

What is Dry Brushing?

Dry brushing is the practice of brushing the body with a firm brush to brush away dry skin, increase circulation, stimulate the lymph nodes, improve digestion,  reduce the appearance of cellulite and also aids the body in removing waste. don’t you?

Lymph nodes are responsible for detoxing our bodies.  When the lymph system is congested, you may experience digestive problems, weight gain, inflammation which could lead to illnesses.

So, what kind of dry-brush should you buy?  I suggest getting a brush with a long handle.  I like the handles that can be removed for more controlled brushing in reachable places. Look for natural bristles, no plastic.   I particularly like this Dry Brush  There  are others you can choose from as well.

How to Dry Brush:

  1. Stand in a shower or bath tub.  This way the dead skin can be rinsed down the drain.
  2. Begin by brushing your hand and then up the front and back of your arms with long strokes.
  3. Brush area several times, overlapping in order to remove all of the dead skin.
  4. Move towards the chest.  Use lighter strokes on delicate areas.
  5. Brush your stomach using counter clockwise circular strokes.
  6. Now go to your  feet .  Use circular motions around feet and ankles. Work your way up your legs with long strokes, back of buttocks and up your back.
  7. Spend more time on dry areas.


After you have dry brushed, follow with either a lukewarm shower then a self massage with your favorite oil.  No time for a shower? No worries!  Just follow with a self massage using your favorite oil.  When it comes to oils, check out the oils at Banyan Botanicals.

Have you tried dry brushing?   I have been dry brushing for about a year now.  I have noticed a big difference in my skin and the way I feel. If you have not tried it, do you think you will? Share your thoughts.  I would love to hear them.