Happy Friday!  Today I planned to share my favorite hair care products, Next-Generation Hair Care Collections formulated for total hair health.  Ironically, Beautycounter announced a sale today.  By one shampoo and get the conditioner for 50% off.  Offer good until September 19th.  How cool is that? And, the hair care is on sale as well.

I invite you to check out the different shampoos, conditioners and treatments.  I personally use the Volume & Shape products.  The first volume hair care products that give my hair volume without drying it out.  I just love them.

What makes these safer shampoos so powerful? PureFoam Cleansing Technology. Derived from sugars, PureFoam delivers salon-level lather that leaves hair feeling fresh and light. Plus, it’s made without the damaging sulfates that can strip your strands. Hello, good hair days.