In-Depth Consultation

This consultation will look at all aspects of your health & wellbeing.

Are you feeling out of balance?  Do you have a feeling that something isn’t working right?  Booking this consultation will be a great first step in getting back on track. 

I will chat in-depth with you about your health, your concerns, your symptoms and how they are affecting your life.  I take a holistic approach to healing.

I will determine your unique physical & mental constitution (mind/body type.)

From there, I will help you to to understand your constitution, helping you to move forward in restoring balance in your body and mind.

You will receive an ebook with guidlines tailored to your particular constitution.  There will be guidelines on what to eat, mindulness practices, lifestyle suggestions and more which will help you to become your happy, healthy self!  


90 Minutes | $125

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