Heavy metals in my lipstick?! No thanks!!!
Did you know that heavy metals like lead, arsenic, mercury, aluminum, zinc, chromium and iron are found in a wide variety of personal care products including lipstick, whitening toothpaste, eyeliner and nail color? Some metals are intentionally added as ingredients, while others are contaminants. Exposure to metals has been linked to health concerns including reproductive, immune and nervous system toxicity.
In the absence of U.S. governmental guidance, Beautycounter has set its allowable limits at or below the strictest international guidance on acceptable trace levels of heavy metal impurities in cosmetics, using the most up-to-date scientific evidence. That means that ALL Beautycounter color cosmetics are screened for heavy metals and we do our best to reach “non-detectable” heavy metal limits when possible, while always keeping them within our health-protective company standards.
AND the Beautycounter lip sheers and gloss shades are absolutely gorgeous and will make you feel beautiful any time of day or night!

Written by Rebecca Lamvol, Executive Director, Beautycounter