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Monday Mantra ~ Shanti Hum

Monday Mantra ~ Shanti Hum ~ Shanti is the sound for peace. Peace in the mind, peace in the world, peace in all of nature. Hum affirms that this is your identity, your true self. Repeating Shanti Hum is a quiet declaration that universal peace is your essential...

Monday Mantra ~ Shara Vana Ya

Monday Mantra ~ Shara Vana Ya ~ This mantra attunes your intentions with the intentions of the cosmos. This activates the purposeful force of intention to transform present circumstances into favorable opportunities.

Korma Spice Blend

Here is a recipe for Chef Johnny's Korma Spice Blend,  I am sharing this recipe from Eat~Taste~Heal, an Ayurveda guide and cookbook. I like to brown a little in ghee to open up the spices, then I will add the ingredients for whatever I am making.  The recipe was...

Roasted Rosemary Nuts

I love snacking on a variety of nuts.  You will reap the many benefits of nuts by not limiting yourself to just one type of nut.  For instance, Almonds are packed with vitamin E.  Brazil Nuts are full of the mineral...


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