Are you feeling frustrated trying to go plastic-free?  Read this great article.  Believe me, you will feel much better.  I have been at my “whits-end” trying to go plastic-free.  I feel better after reading this article.


“You vow to make this the week you actually pack your lunch in Mason jars and avoid single-use plastics. Reusable straw in hand, you’re ready for anything—until, inevitably, something comes up that leaves you tossing a plastic wrapper in defeat. We’ve all been there. In a world where plastic is quite literally everywhere, reducing the amount of waste in your life is a challenge in every sense of the word. So we asked six decidedly eco-friendly women how they deal with inevitable snags in the road. The take-away? Eating plastic-free is a huge challenge—but it’s about progress, not perfection.”

Source: Avoiding Plastic Is Hard. Here’s How 9 People Aim For Progress, Not Perfection

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