I have been passionate about healthy eating most of my life. Gosh, I was the kid who would much rather have cheese from the Easter Bunny rather then candy. I subscribed to Cooking Light magazine for many years. I loved making delicious low fat meals. December 2011 I injured my back working out with weights at the gym. I went to see a chiropractor. The adjustments were not helping so I went for an MRI to find out I had a 9mm herniated disk at L5/S1. I was told I needed surgery immediately. I was devastated. I wanted to avoid surgery and relieve my severe pain naturally. At the time, I was popping Advil like candy. I lost weight and hair. I looked like I was 130. While waiting to see a neurosurgeon, I laid flat on my back in pain googling natural remedies. While doing so, I learned more and more about eating good fat, real food and how bad sugar was for us. I finally got into to see Dr. Kakarla at the Barrow Neurological Institute. Dr. Kakarla told me I did not want to have surgery unless I absolutely needed it. He sent me to PT and pain management. I am happy to say I avoided surgery.  This path has lead me to study to be a Health Coach.  I have balanced my hormones and learned to eat for me.  Not all food is for all people. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up what you love.  It is all about balance. I also have learned that we also need to be just as vigilant about what we put on our bodies and what we clean with.  I now feel amazing.

Now, here I am wanting to share what I have learned with you.  How would you like to feel amazing?  Learn about YOU!  Find out what foods work best for you.  Let me help you to connect body, mind and spirit using the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and adding a MODERN TWIST!



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