Ayurveda Health Coach

What if I told you that I can help you  live a vibrant, healthy and happy life?   I take the ancient wisdom of ayurveda and apply it to modern day life.  Let’s chat! Contact me for a FREE 20 minute consultation.  Start by creating your Ayurvedic profile. 

Yoga & Meditation

Yoga comes from the Sanskrit root yuj.  Practicing the postures, breathing exercises and meditation make you healthier in body, mind and spirit.  New to yoga?  A good place to start is with private classes which will help you to feel more comfortable in a studio.

Meet Vicki

I have been total health and wellness enthusiast for many years and a Yogini for over a decade.  What if I told you that you can feel vibrant and healthy again?  Let’s chat! Contact me for a FREE 20 minute consultation. 



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